Saturday, August 20, 2011

My cheerful hunk

How i love his 100% voltage smiles... :) An An, please stay so cheerful forever..

你天真无邪的笑容溶化了妈妈的幸劳。。。 妈妈好爱好爱你宝贝。。。

Friday, August 19, 2011

Zq's photo for Year 1 application

It's another 2 weeks time for us to pay some hefty application fees for enrolment of Year 1. These are the few International Schools which follow International Baccalarate) that we are interested:

1) Renaissance College
2) ESF Shatin Junior School
3) Japanese International School
4) Hong Lok Yuen School

Tuition fees ranged from 76,000 hkd to 92,000 hkd per annum (aproximately S$12,700 to S$15,300), and not to forget a substantial amount of capital levy and debenture to pay annually. This is enough to kill us and we hope there will be some "good news" from Ben's company soon. *fingers & toes crossed*

Which is better? :)

Or do i need to retake?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zq promoted to K2!

Today marks Zq's 1st day of K2 in Zebedee! I would think it's another milestone of him as very soon, the same time next year, he will start his formal education of Year 1 in an International School (if all the arrangement goes on smoothly as planned).

It was a short class today as parents were encouraged to accompany them for the 1st day from 10am-12pm. It's an opportunity for the parents to get to know the curriculum better and to mingle around. From what i observed, Miss Diane is quite a stern yet humorous teacher. She is engaging and the kids seems to like her even though it's their 1st day with her.

To my surprise, Zq was rather clingy and uneasy. Not his usual self at all. This is what i least expected as those are his K1 classmates, so he should be very familiar with them. Anyway, he insisted to hold onto my hands even when they were having their circle time. I had to join in and sat beside the children for the good 20minutes. Luckily, he was back to his chirpy self again when it was freeplay time. He was "glued" to the kitchen/ home area for the longest, as he was the only one there initially and some other kids joined in later on. There are art & craft area, train area, and some jigsaw puzzle area but he only fancied the kitchen. Well, i am sure he inherits my good genes! :)

I hope he settles down in his new class soon. I see that all his classmates are very friendly and eloquent, and i certainly hope some good friendships will blossom between Zq and them. And next, the applications of Year 1 of International Schools start soon! Wish me good lucks!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pants too tight

Potty training my little darling is a headache.

Firstly, he does not mind at all when his pee pee or poo poo overflow and can still jolly playing around, jumping, climbing and even sitting on it without a word of complaint. Yes, that's how gross he is.

Secondly, he refuses to let me hold onto his penis when i teach him how to pee into toilet bowl, he gets very annoyed when i lay my hands on it. At such a young age, he displays strong sign of self protection. Maybe i  should be happy over this?

And lastly, even XL training pants cant fit him! His thunder thighs are too huge to wear this comfortably.

 I am running out of idea.. And meanwhile i will continue to dream of the day that he will just walk to me and tell me "mama, i want to pee / poo". All clean and without mess...
No space in between his thighs at all!
how crampy there!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Zq & his good memory power!

Zq just surprised me with his super memory again. When he saw a tiny figurine in the box that i stored unwanted stuff, he told me he got this in a restaurant in Beijing, and he was with mama, porpor, gong gong and didi then.. He even told me what we had eaten there, and that restaurant had a staircase and we seated upstair, what's more he told me it was winter then as everyone wore thick jacket! And it all happened in CNY 2010!!!

We noticed he is an observant boy and someone with good memory. He able to relate and recall events that happened quite sometimes ago. For example, he remembered what colour/ design of toilet floor tiles at por por's house, which restaurant at Beijing that we bumped into his friend, where do i store some specific art supplies (which i forgot at times and need his "expertise" to locate for me!)

I can only say he got this good genes from me! Haa  haa

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

X is for Xylophone

I cut out the colourful strips in different lengths. The boys noticed the difference in lengths and pasted on accordingly. And they had great fun "banging" the xylophone!

And i wonder why it can lead to "And together, we are hi-5!" :p

Happy 46th birthday, Singapore!

Again, we are celebrating Singapore birthday overseas. The boys, being truely Singaporean, have yet to celebrate her Birthday in their own land. To me, this is a good opportunity to let the boys know more about their nation, hence i planned some art & crafts and prepared to make a big blast with them. Hee.

I introduced Singapore Map to the boys and i know Zq would be fascinated over it as he has a strong liking towards map. He can recognise the 7 continents on the World Map and a handful of their countries. Firstly, we did an outline of Singapore Map by sponging, this is real fun! I love their finished work very much and i intented to laminate/ frame it up.
Singapore colour is PINK, red + white = pink. hee.

He pointed at Simei and told me that Nainai & Gugu stays here :)

Then we did some colouring of Singapore flag. As usual, An An hates colouring and he decided to keep a "clean" map and admire the rowing boat down the harbour. Zq did a great job colouring, he has improved lots!

And what's National Day without firework?! This is a super easy craftwork but with good effects. Their masterpieces.

Zq told me besides the firework that he painted on his paper, there's firework on the colouring plate as well, indeed! :)

Happy Birthday Singapore!
And whenever i heard this song of Kit Chan, it just warm my hearts... HOME...